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RN Online

Nursing is one of the most stable professions today with an estimated increase of 28% in nursing employment for the next 10 years. Currently, nursing is attracting a great number of students from all ages looking for a career in the medical field. Generally, individuals enroll at a traditional college or university in order to get their RN degree. Most RN programs take two to four years to complete. For LPNs, it usually takes two years to obtain an Associate’s degree in nursing and become a registered nurse. Also, it is common for current RNs with an Associate’s degree to pursue higher education and obtain a bachelor’s degree from a university. Other nurses also enroll in a master’s program in order to pursue a career in education or research.

There are many options available to individuals who want to be a registered nurse or who want to pursue higher education such as a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in nursing. While most people enroll in a community college or university and follow a regular class schedule, some choose to get their degree by enrolling in RN online programs.  There are many advantages to studying online especially for individuals who do not have enough time to attend a traditional school. However, it is important for prospective students to ensure that their RN online program is recognized by a college or university and is accredited by the national board of nursing.

RN online programs are mostly geared towards individuals who have a demanding workload, a family to take care of or have difficulty commuting to and from school. Students can earn their degrees at their own pace and time and it also allows students to continue their career right at the comforts of their homes while earning a degree in nursing. It also lowers the cost of education since students do not have to pay for their commute, housing, and other associated fees.

One of the many advantages of choosing an online education over a traditional school is the waiting time to start the RN program. Because there is a long waiting list in traditional schools, it may take over a year for students to get accepted into the RN program. Unlike a traditional RN school, qualified students are guaranteed a spot in the RN online program since there are no class capacity shortages.

An RN online program generally caters to RNs who want to obtain a bachelor’s or a master’s degree and LPNs who want to become registered nurses. RN online programs offer core courses, refresher courses and clinical training towards a degree in nursing. Because everything in an RN online program is done over the internet, students must have a reliable internet connection and a computer.  Assignments and research are usually submitted online and exams are done over the internet or at a testing facility. Clinical training, however, must be completed at an accredited health facility such as nursing homes, doctor’s offices and other schools.