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Medical Assistant

Anyone considering a career in health care that isn’t able to spend four or more years in school before beginning their career might like working as a medical assistant. It can be the ideal career for people interested in working directly with patients to meet their health care needs.

A medical assistant aids physicians in delivering quality health care. The medical assistant often performs both administrative and clinical tasks while working under the supervision of a medical practitioner. Some of these duties include scheduling lab work, collecting specimens, obtaining medical histories, instructing patients on the proper use of prescribed medications, and explaining medical procedures to patients.

The amount of training required to do this isn’t as extensive as you might think either. Normally, medical assistants spend one year earning a certificate or two years earning an Associate’s degree. It is also possible to become a certified medical assistant which makes you more desirable to potential employers.

Although it’s becoming a more popular career choice that doesn’t mean there’s aren’t jobs available. A lack of qualified medical assistants and an increase in the number people needing medical care means that employment prospects are excellent over the next decade.

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